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Droppers Programme


Whether one should take a Drop or not?

Before answering this I would like to mention a quote here:

Take risk in your life If you win you can lead, If you lose you can guide

A student makes the decision of taking a drop under certain circumstances like:

  • After focusing on his 12th examination now he want to focus on competitive examination.
  • If he finds it difficult to manage 12th examination along with preparing for competitive examination.
  • In all these situation student as well as parents must understand that taking drop is not a waste of time in fact it is investment of time to hone your skill and to prove one's mettle.

    One should take this year as a year to strengthen those areas, skills which were under developed due to time crisis. One should take this year to think and analyze the mistakes done in past and to improve on this skill.

    With respect to preparation of CLAT a drop year can give you a lifetime of experience and exposure to the future hurdles which might be faced in the form of different competitive examination like UPSC, Judiciary, Law officers exam etc. A drop year is a chance to utilize prepare subjects like General Knowlegde and English which are limitless and infinite. In this year one can really increase his chances to score on this subject which forms a major portion for CLAT.

    And at last by not trying to get into NLU's and taking any college in the fresh year itself is a high risk and a big mistake because opportunity cost of giving one year to yourself to get into NLU is much worth than taking any other college as a fresher.

    AIM CLAT droppers programme is named as LAWgic programme because here we understand the need of the student and things on the stake and thus the whole programme is designed keeping all this is mind to provide maximum utilization of time

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