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We are a dedicated team of teachers who have devoted themselves to their students and for their betterment and the same has been proved by the past year results delivered by our students.

Mr. Pankaj Bhalerao

An Alumnus of NLIU Bhopal is extremely popular among the students for his unassuming behavior. He is an authority on Torts, Contracts & Legal Reasoning and his teaching style is simply adorable. A much sought after and erudite faculty of Legal Aptitude in Central India.

Mr. Aman Raghuwanshi

Aman Raghuwanshi a management alumnus who makes the most complex mathematical problems a childs play to even non maths students. His zeal, passion and dedication towards his student's is unparalleled. His ability to break the most complex mathematical problems into the simplistic form makes him a 'Faculty with a difference'.

Mr. Anshul Bhanu Tiwari

Anshul Bhanu Tiwari is an engineer by qualification and is best known for his analytical reasoning and mathematical skills. With all the passion for his subject he devoted himself towards teaching career. He's approach is innovative and is extremely popular among the student community in Bhopal.

Mrs. Vandana Chand

Excellent oral and written communication skills. Have edited various Schools & College papers, magazines and reports. Her strength lies in teaching vocabulary through associations, story making, picture representation and dumb charades which not only makes the class interesting but also gives instant grasping and long retention. Possesses strong work ethics with diligence.

Mr. Yogendra Aldak

An alumnus of NLU Bhopal he is currently working with a premier taxation firm at New Delhi and is a proud mentor at AIM Bhopal. Hailing from the city of Chhindwara, he has helped many aspirants from the region achieve their career goals and is a constant source of guidance for all our students. He holds special talks to better acquaint our students with the opportunities and operations of the legal profession, preparing them for success in their chosen field. An experienced professional in the industry, he is a source of valuable career advice and many of our students stay in contact with him well after entering university.

Mr. Udit VERMA

Pursuing his Master's degree in English Literature at the University of Delhi he is passionate about creating content that helps people learn. He ur study material and magazines to provide our students with a solid knowledge base for success. He chose's He believes that well made content speaks for itself and helps the learner grasp essential concepts quickly and efficiently.

Ms. Pravi Jain

As a law student she places equal importance upon both, fun and academics and has successfully combined the best of both worlds. She has tried her hand and excelled in activities like dance, music, debates, discussions, moots etc. "I thoroughly enjoy debating and mooting and I am part of various clubs", she says. She has attended multiple workshops to increase the ambit of her knowledge regarding varied topics and has also held discussions regarding socio-economic issues.